Anonymous asked: How do you keep weight off of your legs? :( I'm your height and used to have your figure too, but all the food seems to go to my legs

I have gained a lot of weight since being at uni, if you are talking about my old pictures you literally just have to cut out all forms of fat and sugar. I never did any excercise just ate loads of vegetables but now I still eat loads of vegetables but I also excercise I do the plank about 8 times a day for 2 minutes including first thing when I get up and when I got to bed xx

Anonymous asked: on a scale of 1-10 how fun is uni?

times 10 by 10 and add 100

thats how fun it is


Lay with me.

Anonymous asked: I would like to kiss you, slowly working out what your most sensual parts are, sides of the stomach, neck, around the nipples,..teasing the sides until you begged for them to be sucked on. My dick growing hard as concrete all the while .. I'd lick your cunt savouring your sweet taste, pushing my tounge inside you as deep as I can, I'd make you come close to climax before I slowly fucked you to ecstasy. Then make you a cake.

sounds great



Anonymous asked: hi im hoping to go to leeds in september and i was just wondering about packing. did you take a lot with you and where there things you didn't take that you should?

my parents helped me move up and we went in my dads van so I could fit quite a lot in but genuinelly all I brought was clothes and food and  books so it was easy, I regretted not bringing home decorations when I got theere though so when I came back at xmas I brought back loads of homely stuff to make my room look nice :), just dont bring unnecessary shit like minifridges or kettles and youll be fine 

me and ma girl

Anonymous asked: how many pairs of shoes do you have :)

that I wear, I have 2 pairs of air max 1’s one pair of 90’s a pair od adidas gazelles, leather platform hi top trainers, and two pairs of jeffrey campbell heels

Anonymous asked: why did you change your name?

so people I knew in real life would stop finding my blog

so happy to finally be signing houses for uni, literally living with 4 of the nicest people ever, its going to be 3 boys and 2 girls I can not wait